upload and annotate images and videos immediately

real-time collaborative media review in the cloud

  • Easy Upload
  • Review Immediately
  • Advanced Project and Review Management
  • Frame Scrubbing
  • Ghosting

Real-time Reviews

Review media offline or synchronously with entire teams across the world. It feels like you are sitting in the same room.

The Perfect Player

Tried and tested by artists in the VFX and animation industry we built our player to be powerful yet intuitive. Your team and clients will be delighted.

Manage your Content

Create projects, drop in your media and invite your team. Syncsketch allows multiple levels of permissions for effortless management and security.

Fully featured API

Automate and integrate SyncSketch into your pipeline. Authentication, object creation and deletion and much more all nicely wrapped in Python, ready to go.

Embed anywhere

Collect feedback on forums - and supercharge your pipeline with our embedded review tools. Best harnessed in combination with our API.


SyncSketch uses the latest SSL technology and AWS access priviliges to ensure your account is safe from prying eyes.

use anywhere

SyncSketch is web based. Just upload a video and review it anywhere with anyone.
We convert your media files to play nicely in any modern browser.

The SyncSketch Story

used by inspired creatives at

A tool to fit your needs


You would like to get feedback on your shot or reel? Upload single videos for free, or sign up to keep a history and let your peers, instructors or friends give you precise and safe feedback.


Using SyncSketch you can set up a project as a classroom for your students. Notify them when it's time to upload their work to a playlist/review which you can create.


Use SyncSketch to review your studio's work internally and with your clients. Set up Reviews with multiple items, which can be easily reviewed in on pass.
Uploads are safe and password protected.


Set up different classes or projects per instructor or curriculum and upload videos manually or automatically via API. Keep a history of your student's work you can go back to easily instead of looking through emails.

Join Happy Users

Without SyncSketch our production wouldn’t have been possible. Plain and simple.
A lot of our artists work from home all over the country and SyncSketch gives me the possibility to look at their work and give them notes as if we were in the same room. And all without me actually having to be in their room and them calling the police. SyncSketch makes directing a lot easier and keeps me from getting arrested. Thanks, SyncSketch!
Joscha Sauer, Creator & Director - NICHTLUSTIG
SyncSketch has been an absolute lifesaver for me and my students. It is the best tool out there on the market for reviewing, marking up and sending critiques of animations to animators. The ability to draw over the animations, add spacing and posing notes, and share them with my classes helps the students really understand and see what is and isn’t working with their assignments. The site is easy to use and the markup tools totally invaluable. Whether I’m teaching onsite or online, this is my go-to tool for giving feedback to my students!
Daisy Church, Faculty 2-D Animation, Academy of Art University
SyncSketch is the best tool for artists and producers to collaborate online. Easy to use, in browser, no installs, and really really fast. I love it and cannot imagine a world without it.
David Andrade, Co-founder Theory Animation
Syncsketch has been invaluable for my online animation course, which I offer to students learning remotely in Paraguay, South America. Being able to sync up, watch and review videos with them in real time has made each lesson extremely clear, interactive and, most importantly, enjoyable for everyone. I love the simple interface, the fast playback and the instant loading times. I can't think of a better platform to teach with!
Guillermo Careaga, Founder Moingove Online Animation School
Syncsketch has proven to me to be an invaluable tool communicating ideas quickly and easily in reviewing animations. With a need to review professional work internationally and critique student assignments domestically, Syncsketch has provided me with a HUB to do just that. Long has the animation industry needed a tool like this, as nothing gets your ideas across quicker than just drawing over it. With Syncsketch it makes that process simple and just works well.
Jeff Simonetta, Creative Director of Halo Media Works and Adjunct Faculty in Animation at Cleveland Institute of Art
Using SyncSketch is awesome. Being a teacher, I like how easy it is to upload a shot and share it between multiple users while being able to scrub real-time.
It makes critiques easier and more accurate.
Michal Makarewicz Co-founder, Animation Collaborative

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